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What We Do:
Wakarusa Electronics is a service driven company, which specializes in consumer board repair. Our company has over 40 years of experience serving the northern Indiana area. We take considerable pride in our work on all levels.

Wakarusa Electronics History:
Wakarusa Electronics was started in 1976 and initially specialized in Citizen Band radio sales and repairs, a service which continued until the 1980’s. By that time, Wakarusa Electronics was also doing some small scale repair on televisions and stereo systems, and featured Pioneer audio systems for cars and trucks.

As the novelty of citizens band radios wore off, the company began doing more audio/video sales and service. In 1983, Earlynn Electronics bought Wakarusa Electronics, and both businesses shared working space in the same building.  Earlynn Electronics continued with its original field of expertise in industrial electronics, becoming locally known for custom board work.
The new ownership began a bigger push toward sales and service of audio/video equipment. Wakarusa Electronics had both a sales department and a service department, audio/video equipment was sold and repaired in the same building, and installations were a common selling point for all car stereo purchases.

But by 1984, with the advent of chain stores springing up on the Grape Road corridor, the sales department was driven to decline. The joint venture of Earlynn Electronics and Wakarusa Electronics was separated once more and began maintaining their independence in local commerce. Both businesses moved to different locations and resumed their respective operations.

Wakarusa Electronics had now committed itself solely to consumer repair of audio/video products. Earlynn Electronics continued custom board work, along with emergency vehicle harness work, until 1998, when competition forced the company out of business. Fragments of the former Earlynn Electronics company are now known as C & S Electronics, which is carrying on where Earlynn Electronics left off.

In the early 1990’s, video recorders had become the most repaired item on the market. This trend continued until cheaper design and CD/DVD players began to make this product very disposable. Television and stereo repair still continue to be a prevalent factor; however, the price on these items has also dropped. By the late 1990’s, Wakarusa Electronics had begun doing contract work for school systems and hospitals.

Today we are still committed to A/V service, as consumer electronics continues to change and grow.

Mission Statement:

We at Wakarusa Electronics strive to do our best to perform the utmost quality workmanship, on all parts. Customer satisfaction is our foremost concern, and is taken very seriously. Any problems that come up are dealt with quickly and satisfactorily to all parties. We are always in touch with God and our conscience.

Robert T. Scheets